A Much-Needed Vacation …

…is what I’ve just returned from — six days at Yellowstone National Park. Yowza!

How it came about was this: my good friend Wendy, who I’ve known since 7th grade, decided it would be great for us, after all these years, to finally take a trip together. And what better occasion than to celebrate our 60th years!

Because we wanted adventure and something new — and didn’t care for the hassle of procuring hotel rooms, etc — we opted to travel with a group through Road Scholar, who did an excellent job providing us with accommodations, meals, transportation, and the very best of guides into the wild country of Yellowstone. For four days, we hiked the park in the company of 10 other travelers, our most-excellent drivers/guides Charlie Pyle and Zack Baker, group leader Cindy Sebesta, and instructor/naturalist Gene Ball.

It was an extraordinary experience, and I’ve definitely been bitten by the Yellowstone bug. Because, in this instance, words fail, I’ll let a few photos speak for me. Enjoy!


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