And It’s a … Contract!


I am so very pleased to announce that my book, THE MAN WHO LOVES ELEPHANTS, has at long last found a home with the wonderful folks at Ooligan Press, an award-winning, small-but-mighty teaching press  at Portland State University.

There is still a lot of work to accomplish to make the manuscript ready, but the tentative publication date is March 2020.


6 Comments on “And It’s a … Contract!

  1. Congratulations Melissa! A nice start to a new year! Keep up the hard work!


  2. Melissa,

    I am so excited to hear about your contract! Congratulations! (am jumping up and down!) I am so happy that your talent will be made available to a larger audience, as it should be.

    Big hugs and many kisses, Drey

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  3. Yeah Melissa. This is so wonderful. Thank you for writing this wonderful story os Rog. Love you so much.


  4. You’re most welcome, Bev, but I have to share the thank yous. If Roger hadn’t been willing too share his stories, there’d be no book. We are a team, no question. Love you, too.


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