Appearance at Sunriver Books and Music



After the book launch at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR on March 4, I’ll be following it up with a visit to Sunriver Books and Music in Sunriver, OR on March 7. Come and say hi!

4 Comments on “Appearance at Sunriver Books and Music

  1. That is a wonderful bookstore Melissa. Craig Johnson comes every year and it is so popular that they have to use the school in SunRiver. Maybe that will happen for you too. I want to see the one at Powell’s too. I will try hard to get Roger there.


  2. I saw this and I’m requesting vacation now – do you have a link for the Powell’s launch ? And forget the link- just send travel itineraries- I’ve got PTO and will take the week off to be there and bring parents if they are healthy

    Sent from my iPhone Michelle Plaschka 208.899.5489



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