Happiness is a Warm Paperback

Especially when you wrote it!

Just had to share the smiling faces of my friends at Ooligan Press when they unboxed copies of ELEPHANT SPEAK the other day.

part0 (1)

I can’t speak more highly of their great team. We are exactly five weeks out from launch, and I’m so excited. As a bit of surprise to myself, I’m not all that nervous. I guess I expended all that getting ready for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association trade show in October. Now I’m ready to send my baby out into the world with these, my loyal midwives.



Isn’t this pretty? Many, many thanks to Linda Reifschneider and Janie Chodosh for the pull quotes.

4 Comments on “Happiness is a Warm Paperback

  1. Wow! Do I ever agree with you. That is why I am always hesitant to get rid of my books. Some I will never read again and I think I could give them away but some are wonderful resources, or ones the author has signed and I can’t part with. I think they are a wonderful addition to a home and are so much more peaceful than a tv blaring. Justin has rediscovered reading and is now reading a lot for enjoyment. It’s like he’s found that side of himself again. Matt is a reader too but he is like his dad and watches a lot of TV. I read voraciously to them and for my own enjoyment. Don also read a lot. Consequently, both the boys continue to be readers and most of their children are. Sam doesn’t like to read, never has, but he plays the guitar and writes so there’s hope. What a nice story and hopefully you will have some influence on your granddaughter. It sounds like her mom’s heart is in the right place.


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