Unreserved Book Recommendation

Okay, so I am not a fan of genre labels, mostly because I hate to pigeonhole writers into categories. BUT because I know some/a lot/many/most of you appreciate a category so you “know” whether or not you’ll be interested in a particular book, I’ll say that THE BOOK OF ACCIDENTS by Chuck Wendig falls into the horror/suspense category with most of it being a total mindf**k as you try to figure out just What The Hell is happening.

There’s all sort of synopses floating around on the Internet, so I’m not going to attempt another one here. I will, however, say this: judging by some of the reviews I glanced at, people seem to either strongly love this book, or absolutely hate it. (I suspect the divide is along political lines, but I’m just guessing.)

For me, though, the plot chugged along at a pleasant pace, drawing me deeper into the story with each page. I liked the characters, one or two images were particularly delicious, and best of all, the ending was completely satisfying. That doesn’t happen often enough.

This was my first Chuck Wendig read. Suffice to say, I’ll be looking for more of his books. (In fact, I already have! WANDERERS is waiting on my bedside stand tonight.)

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