Category: Affirmation

“What the hell is THAT?”

Ah, those famous words that greet the first sight of gray hair, facial lines (doesn’t that sound evah-so much nicer than wrinkles?), butt or boob drop, a thickening waist … oh, heck, add to the list on your own. We all have our demons.… Continue Reading ““What the hell is THAT?””

The Art of Appreciation

(Caveat: A different version of this essay appeared elsewhere, long ago and far away.) It’s almost impossible for me to pass up an interesting consignment store, second-hand shop, or flea market. I love trolling for treasure because I never know what I’ll find. Sometimes… Continue Reading “The Art of Appreciation”

I Quit Facebook

So, yeah, that. It may not seem radical to most of you, but it was a big decision for me. I came to Facebook late compared to most of my friends. I just wasn’t certain I wanted to spend time with it. At first,… Continue Reading “I Quit Facebook”