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Finding Light

I received the following response to my post “New Year, New Attitude” from Andrea Buka: I am coming to the same realization as you about cumulative grief. It is overwhelming sometimes. Last week I came to the realization that I cannot abide spending a third… Continue Reading “Finding Light”

Where is Grandma’s smile?

I can’t remember ever seeing my grandmother smile.  This studio portrait, taken God knows when, is the closest she comes to it. As a child, I didn’t understand her lack of smiles and (I confess) took it personally. (I was an emotional, empathetic, introvert;… Continue Reading “Where is Grandma’s smile?”

You Are Not Alone

Author Leslie Browning shares the story of her mental and physical trauma, and the resultant journey that led her to healing. Leslie Browning Tedx Talk

What To Do When You’re Angry

Can’t speak for any of you, but when I’m angry, I write. Might meet it head on, might  come at it from behind, might ambush it from the side. Doesn’t matter. I write to bring it out, expose it, maybe even try to make… Continue Reading “What To Do When You’re Angry”

Healing Takes Time

Five days ago was the two-year anniversary of my mother’s death. I didn’t think of it. Not once that day, or in the days that followed. Not until I was out in the yard this afternoon, watering plants, did it occur to me that… Continue Reading “Healing Takes Time”

When Does Grief Go? The Truth? It Doesn’t.

Round about 2010–I don’t recall the exact date and don’t have time to look it up–the blog I was writing on WordPress began to slowly turn in the direction of Alzheimer’s as this debilitating disease took over my mother’s life and the lives of… Continue Reading “When Does Grief Go? The Truth? It Doesn’t.”