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Canine Epilepsy,Two Years On

I’ll never forget Holly’s first seizure. It was August 11, 2016, two months short of her eighth birthday. We were hanging out in the kitchen–me getting ready to prepare lunch, her hoping for a handout–when suddenly her feet began to beat a rapid tattoo… Continue Reading “Canine Epilepsy,Two Years On”

Teaching Moments

I had a thing happen today. I follow several elephant-related sites on Facebook (yeah, I know; big surprise), as well as a few zoos. Recently, one of those facilities posted a short video in which a snake swallows a pinkie mouse. For those unfamiliar… Continue Reading “Teaching Moments”

RIP, Koko

My heart is a little bit broken today:  Goodbye, Koko

Article Published in JEMA

I’m very pleased to announce that my article “Return of the Elephant Man,” appears in the most recent JEMA,  Journal of the Elephant Managers Association, Volume 29, Number 1. The article is based on a portion of my book The Man Who Loved Elephants, which tells the… Continue Reading “Article Published in JEMA”

Out of the Blue

Note: This piece first appeared on the blog “Animal Bliss”  in December 2016. It was named a “Favorite Dog Article of the Week” on Puppy Leaks.   Out of the Blue: A First Experience with Canine Epilepsy On August 11, 2016, our eight-year-old Australian shepherd,… Continue Reading “Out of the Blue”

When A Writer Gives Up, Part 1

In Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert writes about the notion of story ideas drifting about in the ether, coming to rest with one writer or another. If given attention, the ideas stay and grow. If not, they eventually move on to a more receptive audience. I… Continue Reading “When A Writer Gives Up, Part 1”

Great News Out of Vietnam for Elephants

Just read this posting on Facebook and wanted to pass it along: Wild Elephants Re-Appear

Where To Go For Elephants

Hello, all! I wanted to let you know that I’ve started an adjunct site to this one, focused entirely on elephants and the stories behind my book The Man Who Loved Elephants: 30 Years at Oregon’s Washington Park Zoo, which is being offered to publishers… Continue Reading “Where To Go For Elephants”

Happy Birthday, Stoney

Stoney with his mother, Pet Born June 17, 1973 — Washington Park Zoo, Portland, Oregon Died August 28, 1995 — Las Vegas, Nevada    

A Much-Needed Vacation …

…is what I’ve just returned from — six days at Yellowstone National Park. Yowza! How it came about was this: my good friend Wendy, who I’ve known since 7th grade, decided it would be great for us, after all these years, to finally take a… Continue Reading “A Much-Needed Vacation …”