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“What the hell is THAT?”

Ah, those famous words that greet the first sight of gray hair, facial lines (doesn’t that sound evah-so much nicer than wrinkles?), butt or boob drop, a thickening waist … oh, heck, add to the list on your own. We all have our demons.… Continue Reading ““What the hell is THAT?””

Do Tell

T’other day, it were pourin’ down when the turkeys came from the woods–single-file, bunched, single-file, bunched–like one of them wire slink toys kids like to make march down the stairs. It were a miserable rain, what the olders call a “wet rain,” and by… Continue Reading “Do Tell”


I don’t know about you guys, but I have a difficult time with forgiveness and the compassion that goes with it.¬†Maybe that’s because it’s a problem for me to forgive myself¬†for transgressions, even teeny-tiny ones, let alone find the largeness of spirit to forgive… Continue Reading “Forgiveness”

Had It Coming To Me

Today I got pulled over for speeding. Fifty-seven in a forty-five mile zone. I saw the cop too late, but he saw me in plenty of time, flashed his lights, and pointed to the side of the road. I nodded and pulled over…right in… Continue Reading “Had It Coming To Me”