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A Nudge at the Right Time

Sometimes that’s all it takes. I have some really great friends. Two in particular come to mind, both writers, both having written fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Good people. They’ve experienced challenges in their lives, like the rest of us, but both contain a generosity… Continue Reading “A Nudge at the Right Time”

Hitting the Road Again (Metaphorically Speaking, That Is)

For those of you who like to tune in to listen (and, I hope, participate) to a discussion of elephants and writing, I’m doing a Zoom presentation through the kind auspices of The Estacada Library in Estacada, OR on Thursday, January 13 from 6:30-7:30,… Continue Reading “Hitting the Road Again (Metaphorically Speaking, That Is)”

Wonders Never Cease

I’ve been a fan of Krampus for a long time. I appreciate the balance he brings to the holiday, and I like to think that he and old Santa are quite fond of one another, working in tandem as they do. I’ve watched most… Continue Reading “Wonders Never Cease”

New Year, New Attitude

As Patti LaBelle sings it, “I got a new attitude.”  I’m trying anyway, and isn’t that half the battle?  So Happy New Year to all. Don’t know if you partied hearty or kept it low-key like us (fabulous meal cooked by my husband, eaten while… Continue Reading “New Year, New Attitude”

Coping with All that’s Been

“What a year” has become so cliché that no one is saying it much anymore; we merely give one another that look and move on. We all know where we’ve been, at least to some degree. No need to belabor the point. Like many… Continue Reading “Coping with All that’s Been”

My Elephant CuP Runneth Over

A quick shout-out to the Kent Free Library, librarian Kristen Pool (acting manager, Adult Services), and the lovely folks who joined us for a Zoom event last evening to discuss ELEPHANT SPEAK and the world of Roger Henneous. We had a terrific turnout given… Continue Reading “My Elephant CuP Runneth Over”

Tsamaya Sentle, Jabu

Last year, at the end of August, my new-found friend Doug Groves was killed by a wild African elephant. Doug, a well-regarded conservationist, had dedicated his life to working with elephants. His career spanned 48 years and included not only his work in Africa… Continue Reading “Tsamaya Sentle, Jabu”

Central Booking, Episode 2

There aren’t words enough to thank writer/book reviewer John Valeri for his interest in, and continued support of, my career. In Episode 2 of his podcast, Central Booking, we delve into the story behind my book ELEPHANT SPEAK: A Devoted Keeper’s Life Among the… Continue Reading “Central Booking, Episode 2”

Looking Back at March 2020

A year ago today, my husband and I were in the air headed to Portland, Oregon to meet up with one of my dearest friends for the launch of my book ELEPHANT SPEAK: A Devoted Keeper’s Life Among the Herd, a memoir of the life of… Continue Reading “Looking Back at March 2020”

Some Good News (For a Change)

I’m immensely pleased and proud to announce that my poem “Quinn” will appear in the summer issue of the online magazine Months to Years. This means a great deal to me as it’s my first poetry sale.