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The Shadow Years

It’s hard on the heart, watching a pet grow old, but it’s not like I haven’t been here before. When I was a kid growing up across the span of the late 50’s-70’s, we lived in a rural area where the general consensus was… Continue Reading “The Shadow Years”

Canine Epilepsy,Two Years On

I’ll never forget Holly’s first seizure. It was August 11, 2016, two months short of her eighth birthday. We were hanging out in the kitchen–me getting ready to prepare lunch, her hoping for a handout–when suddenly her feet began to beat a rapid tattoo… Continue Reading “Canine Epilepsy,Two Years On”

Out of the Blue

Note: This piece first appeared on the blog “Animal Bliss”  in December 2016. It was named a “Favorite Dog Article of the Week” on Puppy Leaks.   Out of the Blue: A First Experience with Canine Epilepsy On August 11, 2016, our eight-year-old Australian shepherd,… Continue Reading “Out of the Blue”


Apparently it wasn’t enough that I’ve been battling “le crud” for nearly three weeks. The universe also felt it necessary to shoot three more book rejections across my bow, plus a short story rejection. On the other hand, I was guest blogger on Jeanne Melanson’s “Animal… Continue Reading “Emerging”

Now Appearing In …

I’m very proud to be a guest blogger on Jeanne Melanson’s “Animal Bliss.” Thank you, Jeanne, for giving me this opportunity to share our experience with canine epilepsy.

This Has Nothing To Do With The Presidential Election

And aren’t you glad about that? This has to do with pharmaceuticals. Specifically, the drugs we buy to give our ailing pets. As some of you know, our eight-year-old Australian shepherd, Holly, was recently diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. Idiopathic means that no underlying cause for her seizures… Continue Reading “This Has Nothing To Do With The Presidential Election”