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“Books are stooooopid!”

Thus spaketh my beloved five-year-old granddaughter, preparing to pitch a hissy fit because I refuses to watch a vulgar and moronic video with her before bedtime, and instead had suggested I read with her. It was late, and I was tired. (She’s a night… Continue Reading ““Books are stooooopid!””

Growing Pains

I remember watching my mother put on lipstick. This was back in the day when most ladies wore lipstick as regularly as underwear. It was part of their getting ready for the day, a social ritual no matter whether they were going to the… Continue Reading “Growing Pains”

Where is Grandma’s smile?

I can’t remember ever seeing my grandmother smile.  This studio portrait, taken God knows when, is the closest she comes to it. As a child, I didn’t understand her lack of smiles and (I confess) took it personally. (I was an emotional, empathetic, introvert;… Continue Reading “Where is Grandma’s smile?”

Ghost of Christmas Past

Although the tryptophan/sleep myth has been debunked, there’s something about Thanksgiving that incites relatives to break out old hurts and vendettas with scripted regularity; an urge to pick the scabs off ancient wounds in their eagerness to get to the pumpkin pie. Maybe it’s… Continue Reading “Ghost of Christmas Past”