Apparently it wasn’t enough that I’ve been battling “le crud” for nearly three weeks. The universe also felt it necessary to shoot three more book rejections across my bow, plus a short story rejection.

On the other hand, I was guest blogger on Jeanne Melanson’s “Animal Bliss,” writing about our recent experience with canine epilepsy, and received this most welcome  note from her:

“Hey Melissa!

Your Canine Epilepsy post was included in a “Favorite Dog Articles of the Week” roundup post on Puppy Leaks (.com). Your post is mentioned in one of the blog comments as well.

Bravo, girl! Oh, how fun.



And, as a response to the rejections, that short story has gone out this morning to another magazine. Never say die.

Ghostly Appearances

tricksMy fellow writers and I will be reading from our anthology “Tricks and Treats: A Collection of Spooky Stories by Connecticut Authors” at the 100 North Main Street branch of the Manchester Library on Monday, October 24, from 6:30 to 8.

We are also appearing at 6:00 on Wednesday, October 26, at Bank Square Books in Mystic.

Hope you’ll be able to come out for some fun, some spooky tales, and to support your local authors.

See you there!

A Good Time Had By All


From left to right: John Valeri (holding a copy of our anthology TRICKS AND TREATS), moi, Ryanne Strong (aka Terry George), and Stacey Longo.

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night – October 18 – at Bentley Memorial Library in Bolton, CT for a reading of excerpts from TRICKS AND TREATS: A Collection of Spooky Stories by Connecticut Authors.

We were fortunate to have appropriately spooky weather, plus–best of all–an engaging and interested audience who served up some extremely thought-provoking questions. And let’s not forget the cider and cookies!

(And, by the way, I love those three people with me. A lot.)