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“Nothing to be Afraid Of” is LIVE!

The London Reader UFO issue with my story “Nothing to be Afraid Of” is now available. To paraphrase The London Reader itself, this volume delves into that part of our imagination that ignites when we see strange lights in the sky, or pause to… Continue Reading ““Nothing to be Afraid Of” is LIVE!”

It’s Alive!

This fellow here is my nephew, Lucas Richard Perkins. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Luke died last November after a 30-year battle with Cystic Fibrosis. And believe me, he gave the bastard a beating. Cystic Fibrosis, life itself, and that thing we… Continue Reading “It’s Alive!”

An Important Letter from Writer Richard Russo

To my mind, writers should always support one another. I’ve seen a lot of that, but I’ve also seen some of the other–jealousy, back-stabbing, etc. With the idea of support in mind, and in light of these rapidly-changing times in the publishing field, please… Continue Reading “An Important Letter from Writer Richard Russo”