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When A Writer Gives Up, Part 2

It took me so long to get back to this that you probably thought I’d given up. Not so. Well … not yet, at any rate. Last time, I wrote about letting go of an idea–or having it leave you; of recognizing that an idea’s time… Continue Reading “When A Writer Gives Up, Part 2”

How to Keep Writing in the Face of Rejection

   If you’re a serious writer–and by that I mean someone who writes damn-near every day and consistently submits work in hopes of making a sale–you’ll receive rejections. And if you’re in the game long enough, you’ll likely reach a point–probably more than once–where… Continue Reading “How to Keep Writing in the Face of Rejection”


Apparently it wasn’t enough that I’ve been battling “le crud” for nearly three weeks. The universe also felt it necessary to shoot three more book rejections across my bow, plus a short story rejection. On the other hand, I was guest blogger on Jeanne Melanson’s “Animal… Continue Reading “Emerging”


I’ve been laying a bit low these past couple of weeks. You’re familiar with the drill: the hoopla of Thanksgiving leading to the crest of the hill you barrel down until you smack into Christmas like the landlady in Kung Fu Hustle sailing into the billboard.… Continue Reading “Medic!”