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Story Published

I’m always delighted when I can report the appearance of a new story. One of my latest–“Reclamation”–appears in the latest issue of Wild Musette.  “After the call came with the news of her father’s death, Bryn stood on her apartment stoop three thousand miles away,… Continue Reading “Story Published”

Searching for Data? This might help.

Writers – particularly nonfiction writers – often need to collect reliable data in support of their book proposal.  Google has recently launched Dataset Search with an eye toward making that a little easier to do. I’ve only glanced at it so can’t vouch for its helpfulness,… Continue Reading “Searching for Data? This might help.”

Go, Simon & Schuster!

Also from The Authors Guild: “On August 13, for the second time this year, President Trump’s counsel sent a letter demanding that a publisher cease publication of a book criticizing his presidency. Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account… Continue Reading “Go, Simon & Schuster!”

Tax Information for Authors

This article  came to me courtesy of The Authors Guild. Hope you find it useful.

An Important Letter from Writer Richard Russo

To my mind, writers should always support one another. I’ve seen a lot of that, but I’ve also seen some of the other–jealousy, back-stabbing, etc. With the idea of support in mind, and in light of these rapidly-changing times in the publishing field, please… Continue Reading “An Important Letter from Writer Richard Russo”

Source for Quotes

Do you use quotes in your writing, perhaps to head a chapter? Or are you one of the many–including me–who enjoys reading and collecting quotations, and considers an evening spent perusing Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations a bit of light reading? If so, check out Value of the Wise,… Continue Reading “Source for Quotes”

NEA Funding Cut is DEFEATED

I was away when this became news, but received this email from Mary E. Rasenberger, Executive Director of the The Authors Guild: Thanks to the outcry of our members, artists, and supporters of the arts around the country, the Grothman Amendment to slash NEA… Continue Reading “NEA Funding Cut is DEFEATED”

Interesting Article on Copyright

Found this article through the Authors Guild. Believe it or not, writers are at the bottom of the food chain.

Ah, Editors

It’s funny when an editor says “This is a really good first draft” and you think This is my fifth draft.  

Sexism Pisses Me Off

Okay, so it’s no secret that I have a problem with blogging. I don’t mind it as a means of communication, but the idea of doing it regularly when I really don’t have anything worthwhile to say just seems like a waste of not… Continue Reading “Sexism Pisses Me Off”